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Project Neutral is Award-Winning!


Congratulations to Project Neutral for winning the 2013 Tides Top 10 Award, which recognizes groundbreaking and innovative initiatives that tackle challenging social and environmental issues in Canada.

Co-founded by ELN members Julie Dzerowicz, Karen Nasmith, and Regan Smith, Project Neutral helps Toronto neighbourhoods achieve carbon neutrality by providing residents with tools to reduce their individual energy use and  carbon emissions.

Through the years, ELN has helped catalyze Project Neutral by convening working group meetings, providing strategic advice and mentorship, raising its profile, recruiting volunteers and staff, securing in-kind support, and providing work space at the Centre of Social Innovation.

ELN is proud of Project Neutral’s accomplishments to date and is thrilled to be a part of their success.

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Ready, Set, Go! City-Building Through the Pan/Parapan Am Games

Guest post by ELNer, Ainka Jess


On March 19, CivicAction’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) hosted an exciting talk with Saäd Rafi, CEO of the TORONTO 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games Organizing Committee (TO2015) on the preparation for the TORONTO 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games. The evening also included an engaging panel discussion on what private, public and community organizations are doing to ensure the Games create a positive and rich legacy in the Toronto region. Special thanks goes to LoyaltyOne for generously hosting us.

Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO of CivicAction and moderator for the evening expressed her excitement for the Games and the benefits it will bring to the region. For the ELNners who were in attendance, Sevaun said she “admired their passion and empowerment as civic leaders who were the hope for future generation.”

Saäd Rafi gave a [...]

Youth and the Public Good: Apathetic My Ass

Guest post by ELNer, Melissa Pogue

ApatheticMyAss (2)

On February 25, the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) held a panel discussion entitled: Youth and the Public Good: Apathetic My Ass. As part of its ongoing speaker series #SHIFTDISTURBERS, the panelists discussed the shift in participation trends, most obviously among – what MPI calls: “the Jon Stewart” generation.

Alison Loat, the Executive Director of Samara, set the stage and was armed with hard data. In the last 2011 federal election, the voter participation rate was 61%, but for those ages 18-35 it was only 39%. However, the 18-35 demographic was shown to be more likely to talk about social and political issues on- and offline. Their level of activism and engagement in charitable donations and volunteer work was higher, too. It was only in formal political engagement, such [...]